iTEM3 — 26–27 October 2017

iTEM3 workshop attendees


International Transport Forum
Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development
Conference Center Room 9 — 2 rue André Apscal, 75016 Paris, France

PDF agenda

Day 1

  • Jari Kauppila. “Welcome”
  • iTEM organizing team: Sonia Yeh, Lew Fulton, David McCollum, Page Kyle and Paul Kishimoto. “iTEM organization activities & updates” (PDF)

A: Transport historical data and methods for projections

  • Paul Kishimoto (MIT). “Shared transport data: considerations, process, & options” (PDF)
  • Page Kyle (PNNL). “National downscaling in global transportation modeling” (PDF)
  • Andreas Schäfer (UCL). “Building a database of global passenger and freight mobility” (PDF)

B: New transport models

Moderator: Mariliis Lehtveer

  • Lew Fulton (UCD) and Mark Tacderas (Clean Air Asia—remote). “Asian Development Bank (ADB) transport database and model launch” (PDF)
  • Robert Spicer (BP). “A new model for Future Mobility” [1]

C: Beyond 2 degrees and NDCs

Moderator: Celine Guivarch

  • Jacob Teter (IEA). “Steering transport toward sustainability: A “beyond 2 degrees” trajectory for transport” (PDF)
  • Sudhir Gota (SLoCaT). “Country Low Carbon Transport Scenarios” (PDF)

D: Electric vehicles and behaviour change

Moderator: Tor Kartevold

  • Melissa Lynes (EIA—remote). “Plug-in electric vehicles: Future market conditions and adoption rates” (PDF)
  • David McCollum (IIASA) and Oreane Edelenbosch (POLIMI/FEEM/PBL). “Transitioning to electric cars: Interactions between social learning and technological learning” (PDF 1, 2)

Day 2

G: Aviation, shipping, and regional studies

Moderator: Rajagopalan Srikanth Shastry

  • Felix Creutzig (MCC). “High speed rail and aviation in China” [3]
  • Nora Nezamuddin (KAPSARC). “The role of transport in the strategic development in KSA: Building a world freight network model using SOFIA-T” (PDF)
  • Maria Grahn (Chalmers). “Shipping projections and demands for low-carbon fuels” (PDF)

H: Communication, outreach and reflections

  • All. “The values of iTEM and ways to broaden impacts” (PDF)
  • All. “Reflections and next steps forward” (PDF)