International Transport Energy Modeling, or iTEM, is an open group of people and organizations interested in the role of energy in the world's transport system.

Our shared goal is to better understand the data and methods that are applied to study this system—especially large-scale models—and through dialogue to improve knowledge of the system, its ongoing evolution, and the policy and technology options for guiding its changes.

Who we are

iTEM uniquely convenes groups which approach transport and energy from broadly different directions, and with different immediate objectives. The full list of participating groups includes:

  • Academic groups at universities and independent research organizations,
  • Departments within national governments,
  • International government organizations (IGOs),
  • Non-governmental organizations (NGOs),
  • Energy firms, and
  • Consultancies.

iTEM welcomes broader participation from the global transport-energy modelling community. Interested teams should contact the iTEM organizing group.


We convene periodic workshops that include:

  • Comparison of projections, as collected in a shared database,
  • Motivated by these comparisons, methodological discussion of existing models,
  • Analysis of the projected impacts of proposed and existing policies, and
  • Focused sessions on fundamental drivers, new technologies and novel methods in the transport energy area.